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Alisa has been incredible in guiding us as first time owners of a rental apartment. I thought I would drive her nuts with all my questions but no matter what time it was she answered immediately and always cheerful and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend Alisa!


Alisa did an amazing job helping me find my perfect apartment. I wasn't yet living in Amsterdam when I began my search, so she was a great help making appointments on my behalf and lending great general expertise about the market. She spent a day viewing apartments with me when I did get here and was always very professional, accommodating and easy to work with.


Alisa was very helpful throughout the process of helping us find our home. We were moving to Amsterdam with two small dogs and wanted to find a place before our move. Prior to our exploratory trip we had conversations to determine what we want and need and her recommendations in terms of neighborhoods. Long story short, we are very happy with our home and truly am glad Alisa was so easy to work with. Definitely would recommend Alisa to anyone looking for an agent.


Alisa helped me to find reliable tenants for my apartment in a few days time. She had some really good tips and also arranged the contract and small background check. I will definitely ask Alisa again to help out when I need to find new tenants.


Alisa helped me and my boyfriend to find an appartement in Amsterdam after searching for a very long time. She managed to find us an appartement which was exactly what we were looking for, great location/neighborhood, affordable prices and a great place to live in. We have been living here for a month now and we are super grateful to Alisa, for her help and for taking care of everything so that this whole thing was way less stressful for us because she took care of everything! (getting te contract, arranging appointments etc.)
Thank you for everything Alisa, because without you, we would still be searching for an apartment! We are very happy with our place and everything you did to help get us here. 😘


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